Jun 092010

Create a healthy, vegie popsicle/ice lolly for a hot day lazing in the garden.

What to stuff

A kong or similar.


  • Chopped vegetables, such as carrots, courgettes and green beans
  • Vegetable stock or bouillon
  • A liver treat or similar which will ‘bung up’ the small hole in the kong

How to stuff it

Fill up the small hole in the kong with the liver treat or similar to ensure that it is watertight.

Make up the vegetable stock or bouillon (using just a pinch of the stock or bouillon as it’s very salty) and allow it to cool.

Put the chopped vegetables into the kong, then pour in the stock so it almost reaches the top of the large hole (it will expand a little as it freezes). Put in the freezer for at least 3 hours and serve.


Stand the kong in a bowl before you put it in the freezer just in case it leaks!

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