Jun 152010

What to stuff

A kong or similar toy.


Small amount of vegetable oil.
Handful of spinach.
Your dog’s normal food.

How to stuff it

Gently warm the vegetable oil in a large pan then add the spinach. Put a lid on the pan and heat the spinach for 1 minute. Then remove the lid, stir the spinach with a spoon, then replace the lid and heat for a further minute. Empty the spinach into a collander and press down on it until all the liquid has run out (it’s useful to use a saucer to do this). Wait until the spinach has cooled.

While waiting, fill the kong with your dog’s normal food, just leaving enough space at the top for the spinach.

When the spinach is cool, stuff it into the top of the kong. Your dog should enjoy the challenge of getting the spinach out in order to reach his food!

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