Aug 272010

What to stuff

A kong or bone – this is sticky stuff so it should stay put in most things!


Clear honey
Dried apricots, diced

How to stuff it

Dice the apple into small cubes.

Put the honey into a saucepan and heat until it becomes runny. Then remove the pan from the heat, add in the diced apricots and apples and mix well.

Allow the mix to cool a little before pouring into the kong with a bung in the small hole (such as tinfoil, you can remove it when it’s cooled). If it’s going into a container with large holes at both ends, such as a calcium bone, allow it to cool quite a lot first or it will pour right out again! You may find it easier to use a piping bag cut open at the end (ie without a nozzle) rather than pouring/spooning this sticky susbstance.

Allow it to cool completely before giving to your dog.

Other info

While this is all natural, it’s still quite a sugary snack and shouldn’t be given to dogs on a diet or too frequently to any dogs.

This can get quite sticky, so be careful it doesn’t go all over your carpet or furniture!

  One Response to “Honey monster”

  1. well im 9 but me and my dad have to dogs that are puppies so we thought lets give them z treat and they munched away until the whole was gone. we even made left overs so thank you for the recipe.

    from louise

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