Jun 092010

What to stuff

This really only works with kongs or similar toys where you can bung up the larger hole with a biscuit.


Your dog’s normal food (dry or wet)

Kong biscuit or similar dog biscuit suitable for puppies

How to stuff it

Fill the kong with your puppy’s normal food, taking it from his daily allowance. Wedge the biscuit into the large hole so that the puppy has to chew through this before getting to his food.


If you feed wet dog food (ie the canned our pouched varieties) then this will be a bit messy, both to make and when the puppy eats it, so make sure you don’t give it to him in a nicely carpetted room!

Providing your puppy with some (or even all) of their daily food allowance within kongs will keep them occupied, give them something to chew which isn’t your house and prevent you giving them treats in addition to their food allowance.

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